My Life Expert- Mom

The amazing, unconditional, positive, magical and caring source of energy is mother. The mother is reason of our existence. I have been lucky to have a mother who inspire, Understand and shows me the right path of courage and discipline at every stage of my life. The day from when I started understanding life I have seen her toiling for me for each and every work. Her only motive is to see her child happy and safe.

Sharing some special memory and experience of life with her is quite difficult, because all days with my mom is a beautiful gift of god to me and all days are exceptional. But I will share one special story which is very near to my heart. The first day of my play group. My mom and I went to the play group class. Me being unaware why we were there. I saw toys and started playing with them. She made me sit in small merry go round and she left the room. My eyes filled with tears were continuously searching for her from merry go round. I was afraid why she left making me sit here. When it stopped I jumped out of it and ran outside the class. She was crying too. She knew that my journey of life will started from that day and I will have to work hard to become a strong human being. She sat outside the class for two hours being my first day. And while return she said you have to learn to enjoy even without your mom. I still remember her face saying those words with tears.

Mom Love

Every day I learn something new from her. She can make miracles with just her one smile. I love my mom spiritually… She is my god for me.

This post may read ordinary to those who read it. But the person for whom this post is written is extraordinary individual having all the blessings of earth in her two palms. Mammi I love you. May God bless us all.

Congratulation and thanks to Godrej hair expert on making me write this wonderful prayer for my mom.



You may never know,
You will again fall in rat race of achieving something that you never wanted but you still want because people wants you to get that.. And you will feel that why am doing all this..!! May be someday you would like to run away from this…At that time you might not have the same privilege as you have now!

So better enjoy every phase of life.. At all point in life and all the period of conflicts, god wants to teach us something. Rather than the message we concentrate on situation.. And instead of learning we fall back on reactions….we don’t even understand the fact that our existence is momentary.. We won’t be here forever.

Let the love spread all over and let peace prevail everywhere around us and with in.!
Let time heal all the wounds of words, reactions and action… intentional and unintentional!
Learn.. Unlearn and relearn is the key for everything..
We are not perfect..!
We are just humans!
May Gloss Bless us all


What we witness in Life is nothing but the journey we had chosen from God to see and experience being us… The decision is ours and nobody else is responsible except our own self for everything that happens in our life. The way we are is already decided by us to be like that… and we are just present here/there/everywhere to experience the choice made by us, of course out of the option given to us at the time of rebirth.

So Just relax and enjoy the beauty called life. We will not get what we don’t deserve or destined to get and we wont lose what is meant to be received by us. By all means our full life is pre-planned and well designed without any scope of improvement… what we call scope in life is also the thought destined to arise in our mind at that very moment. We just have to be present at that moment to complete the event.

God Knows everything and he unfolds the story called life at his own pace. So try to see god in everyone and believe in everyone..! Remember to get the best we must give our best.!

God Bless all.!


When god gives options of choosing a path of Peace, Money or Love…

Always choose Path of Peace…

Path of Money or Love may not give peace. But path of Peace will surely make your life enough beautiful that money or love cant make…
And eventually every path leads and finally mix with peace.

Just choose peace over everything… You will never require anything in life.

God bless you.


The inevitable truth of everyone’s life is Death.

Death is the most powerful truth one can ever witness and that too the control of the occurrence is not in our hand.

We can not decide, we can just wait.

We must remember that our journey will have its end one day… we must do such deeds as on the day death, we make it big with smile on the face.

God Bless

Worshiping Idol

Different religion has different ways of worshiping. Some worships Books (Bhagwad Gita, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Avesta etc.), some worship pictures, some worship “gurus” and some worship idol. The sole purpose of worship is to get connected to the universal power. Books, Pictures, Idols, Gurus are medium to walk the path towards Moksh…!

No religion teaches their follower to disrespect other religion, because the purpose, motto, path and intentions are interlinked with each other and they eventually meet in the end.

Anything that leads holy soul to the path of inner peace and connection to the universal power is Almighty itself.

Idol of God is not God, the God is in the idol.

God Bless.


Silence is the Language of God.

Normally we talk to convey our message but god can only understand language of feelings. To have conversation with god we need to use the words of silence.

Closing our eyes, Concentrating peacefully on God, Diverting our thoughts towards almighty will Lead us to Silence and eventually to Inner Peace.

In anger we shout on the opposite person, although he/she can also hear our soft words, but still we prefer to shout because in Anger our heart is not connected with opposite person. So to convey our thoughts we have to shout.

Similarly in love, we dont speak a word but still we understand the language of our partner because our hearts are connected.

Our intention is to get connected with God so that almighty can listen to our deepest feeling loud and clear.

God Bless.