My Life Expert- Mom

The amazing, unconditional, positive, magical and caring source of energy is mother. The mother is reason of our existence. I have been lucky to have a mother who inspire, Understand and shows me the right path of courage and discipline at every stage of my life. The day from when I started understanding life I have seen her toiling for me for each and every work. Her only motive is to see her child happy and safe.

Sharing some special memory and experience of life with her is quite difficult, because all days with my mom is a beautiful gift of god to me and all days are exceptional. But I will share one special story which is very near to my heart. The first day of my play group. My mom and I went to the play group class. Me being unaware why we were there. I saw toys and started playing with them. She made me sit in small merry go round and she left the room. My eyes filled with tears were continuously searching for her from merry go round. I was afraid why she left making me sit here. When it stopped I jumped out of it and ran outside the class. She was crying too. She knew that my journey of life will started from that day and I will have to work hard to become a strong human being. She sat outside the class for two hours being my first day. And while return she said you have to learn to enjoy even without your mom. I still remember her face saying those words with tears.

Mom Love

Every day I learn something new from her. She can make miracles with just her one smile. I love my mom spiritually… She is my god for me.

This post may read ordinary to those who read it. But the person for whom this post is written is extraordinary individual having all the blessings of earth in her two palms. Mammi I love you. May God bless us all.

Congratulation and thanks to Godrej hair expert on making me write this wonderful prayer for my mom.


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